SRK takes the blame of Paanchvi Paas failure

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh is the USP of Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tej Hain. But despite his presence the show failed to drag more audience to their drawing room and tune in to Star Plus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm. He takes the blame of Paanchi Paas failure on himself as he feels that he is the main attraction of the show and could not attract audience with his charisma.

Speaking about his contribution to the show, the King Khan said, "Even in my films, it is said that it will get a good opening because I am there. If I consider the same yardstick, a star of my caliber should have brought enough audiences before the television set. If there is no opening and lack of appeal for the show despite my presence, then I think I am responsible. But, I do my best whatever I can do creatively."

Keeping aside the failure, Shahrukh enjoys being part of the show and exchanging knowledge with children and interacting with the audience. Speaking about the format, he said, "May be the format was not appealing, but we were binded by the original format (Are you smarter than the fifth grader)."