SRK showers flower over Sallu

The tussle between Salman and Shahrukh has divided the Bollywood in two camps. News of enmity poured from every side after Salman humiliated Shahrukh at Katrina's birthday bash. While at various occasions, both the guys were asked to speak up about the spat, they partially divulged the issue of the brawl. Recently, speaking to a newspaper, Shahrukh exclaimed about Salman, "He's a wonderful guy, his family is wonderful, I really like them. I respect everyone."

Salman insulted King Khan but Shahrukh spoke only goody things about him and showed that he is above all hatred and animosity. "Perhaps the only good thing which came out of the tiff is that we both have realized that we're two different people. And I think we both respect that. He's wonderful in his place and I'm wonderful in mine", he added.

Though Sallu said that he would never forgive Shahrukh and they would never be friends again, SRK never countered him back and just remarked his comment as immature.