SRK's six-pack secret

Shahrukh Khan surprised everyone with his six pack abs in "Om Shanti Om". These days he is providing fitness tips to youngsters. SRK disclosed that he does 100 push ups and 60 pull ups everyday. He added, "When you start you can only do five push ups and one pull up. It just happens (later) if you are regular."   

"Six-pack more to do with diet than exercise alone. You need to be very disciplined. (Do it for) 30 to 40 days then it will start to show. Exercise regimen - four times a week. Thirty minutes do weights or any exercise which makes you sweat." explained by Shahrukh.     
SRK believes that workout is necessary along with the balance diet. "No rice or bread at all with food, grilled food. Lots of water. No alcohol. No desserts, ice creams or colas. No food in between meals like chips, etc. Single handedly try and bring the junk food industry to closure. If you do, then exercise (for) 50 minutes. No music and wasting time during exercise. Just do it like a job and push yourself." SRK added.
Sharukh is strictly against quick fix diets though he follows a healthy diet. "You make your choices according to your needs. When I work out I don’t drink colas myself. Young kids (upto age of 25) should not have beer bellies. Don’t know why...just felt like saying it." Sharukh remarked cleverly.