SRK’s ‘Mannat’ run into controversy

King Khan ‘Mannat’ is again hitting the headlines. It has come to know that the on-going construction at ‘Mannat’ is creating big trouble for the priests residing at the ‘Retreat House’ of which Mannat shares a common back wall. With the enduring construction of an underground car park at his residence, the priests are getting disturbed as the noise is destroying their meditation.  It is also hampering the peace and tranquility of the neighbors and they complained SRK for the inconvenience.

It has also been reported that four senior priests unable to concentrate had walked out of the ‘Retreat House’. On knowing about the nuisance been created by the construction work, Shahrukh wife Gauri Khan has sent an apology note to them which reads, “The excavation is likely to cause some noise during the week when the work goes on. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we promise to refrain from the excavation work on Sundays and between 1 pm and 3 pm on weekdays when you may be resting.”

The anger of the priests further intensified when they got another notice of some other construction to be carried on inside their compound. Now they have decided to consult lawyers.