SRK promised to go for a naked dance!

King Khan is happy with his team Kolkata Knight Riders once again. Obviously, compared to last year's poor performance, this year has been a remarkable one in comparison for the KKR's and deserves party.  
Though, Shahrukh Khan is attending post-match IPL parties once in away, won't pop the bubbly too soon. He insists he'll celebrate in a unique way if his team was to win the League this year! "I'll dance naked to my song ‘Dard-e-disco’ in the DY Patil staidum," he said, "if my team will make it to the finals and win!" Shahrukh said.  
"He's a great owner and highly possessive about his team members. I won't be surprised if he actually sticks to his word about dancing in the nude if they were to win," said Lalit Modi, Chairman, IPL with a smile.   Nobody knows if SRK would keep his word, but one thing is for sure – girls will cheer for his team so that they could see their dream man in birthday outfit.