SRK not doing Robot due to creative differences with director

Shahrukh Khan is currently promoting his home production Om Shanti Om which is all set for a Diwali release. Apart from that it seems that several projects have fallen through for this big star. There was a lot of talk about south director Shankar’s film Robot starring SRK. However due to creative differences between the director and Shahrukh, the two have decided to part ways amicably and are not doing the film together anymore.
Shahrukh admits that he will not be doing Robot; he says “Yes, we have called it off. We were not happy with a few things; his take on the film was completely different from mine. We had worked very hard on the film and it is sad that we had to call it off. Both Shanker and I decided that we won’t make it together.” But SRK maintains that it was a mutual and amicable parting between director Shanker and him. Apart from that Shahrukh was also supposed to do Rajkumar Hirani’s film but will not be doing it due to various problems . So now Shahrukh has a few months free, in his witty humour he says “I am pretty jobless for the time being. However I am sure that I will manage to get some work.”

There have also been rumours that Shahrukh will be doing Dhoom 3, but he says “I am not doing Dhoom 3.” Shahrukh’s next project will be Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2 which will begin at the end of 2008. Robot was supposed to be a hi-fi, sci-fi flick. Recently Shahrukh had supposedly also asked Shirish Kunder to make some changes in his film script, but this did not go down well with the director and he and SRK supposedly had a huge showdown. SRK then opted out of the film and Shirish approached Akshay Kumar who agreed to do the film. So it seems that lately SRK has been having a lot of creative differences with his directors. So is Shahrukh going the Aamir Khan way of getting involved in every aspect of the film and meddling too much with the script?