SRK happy with Ayodhya verdict

Ahead of the Ayodhya verdict, Bollywood celebrities came forward and made an appeal to the nation to stand united. Now that the Ayodhya verdict is out, everyone along with superstar Shahrukh expressed satisfaction with the judgment and says that he is proud as the countrymen showed maturity in accepting the decision of the court.

"Equal distribution of land hopefully will lead to equal acceptance of each other`s beliefs. Happy at maturity and patience countrymen have shown," Shah Rukh posted on his Twitter page late Friday.

He said: "1/3 of heart for family. 1/3 to work. 1/3 for pumping blood. All get passing marks and heart still beats for my country. All good knock on wood."
Shahrukh Khan too with other Bollywood stars appeal the people to remain united. He is happy that everything ended up peacefully without any commotion.

He has just ended the three-day conference on him at a Vienna University. "There was a conference on me in Vienna. Was humbled and proud that Indian cinema is becoming a global platform for discussion," he said.