SRK-Gauri skips Arjun Rampal's party

Arjun Rampal and Shahrukh Khan used to be close buddies at one point of time but now things are not so fine between the two. Arjun and Shahrukh stands by one another in every occasion. In every celebration, Arjun and his wife Mehr used to be the first to visit Mannat. But things were not the same today. On Wednesday, Arjun threw a party to celebrate his business partnership with designer Rohit Bahl and all of his close pals were spotted at the bash except Shahrukh and Gauri Khan.

SRK’s absence from Arjun’s party clearly throws a signal that all is not well between them. Says a source, "Arjun invited all his close friends from the industry which includes Shahrukh and Gauri. In fact, Mehr and Gauri have almost been inseparable all these years. But neither of them came."

Recently, there has been news of some tension between the two actors. At Daboo Ratnani's calendar launch in January, Arjun and Hrithik avoided SRK. Their families spend time together almost every year but this year they went for vacation separately.

Says a source, "SRK and Arjun apparently used to have fights on the sets of RA.One. Also, at the party we heard that Gauri was upset because SRK had invited Priyanka Chopra and Mehr had a huge fight with Khan about the same."

Gauri and Mehr also used to be thick friends like their husbands. They used to socialize together but off late, there was nothing as such.