SRK, Gauri get relief in child sex determination case

Shahrukh Khan has always lived like a law abiding citizen. In an industry where stars are known for their trouble with law and the police, SRK had managed to stay out of trouble. But recently there was one incident that had become a spot of bother for Shahrukh and his wife Gauri. Last year when SRK and Gauri were expecting their third child Abram through surrogacy, reports surfaced that the couple had gone for tests to determine the child’s gender. Although, the couple denied any such tests taking place, the radiologists’ association demanded an investigation in the matter. Pre natal sex determination is illegal in India under the Pre-Conception Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act. To add to the couple’s trouble, social activist Varsha Deshpande filed a complaint against Shahrukh and Gauri Khan before a magistrate’s court.

However, in a slight breather to one of Bollywood’s royal couples, Bombay High Court today upheld the magistrate`s court order, rejecting the plea to ask for official documents regarding the alleged sex determination test. The matter came up before Justice Reveti Mohite-Dhere who rejected the plea made by Varsha Deshpande. Last year, her lawyer Uday Warunjikar told the court that she wants access to documents related to the tests, if there are any, from Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai that is the authority in such cases under the law. But her plea was rejected by the magistrate court last year and after that she moved to the High Court. On the other, SRK’s lawyer Pranav Badheka told the court that no such test was ever conducted at the request of the couple. Badheka also presented the argument that Deshpande had no right to ask for the documents. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has told the High Court that after conducting an inquiry into the matter they have found no evidence against the Khan couple. After hearing the entire matter, HC upheld the lower court’s order. The original case against the couple however, will still continue at the lower court for now.

Shortly after the controversy broke out, SRK had issued an official statement. He said, “Amidst all the noise that has been going around, the sweetest is the one made by our new-born baby, Abram. He was born prematurely by several months but has finally come home. Gauri and our whole family have been dealing with his health issues for a long time now. As a family our silence on this subject has been because of the personal nature of emotional strife that we have been going through due to his health.”