SRK finds JTHJ & SOS rumor extremely silly

Actor Shahrukh Khan has termed all the controversies as to how many screens will be allotted to his new release Jab tak Hain jaan  and Ajay Devgan’s film Son of Sardaar, as unnecessary and silly, he thinks that market is free for all and not in the hands of a monopolistic owner.

Sources tell us that Ajay Devgan Films Pvt Ltd or ADF had complained to the CCI, the Competition Commission of India, that Yash Raj Films had been putting their positions to good use by asking the exhibitors in order to allocate more number of screens for their film, Jab tak hain jaan. Both the films are scheduled to be released this Diwali on November 13.

Shahrukh however shunned away all the controversies saying that instead of fighting for each other’s place in the market, they should opt for praying for each other, hoping that both the films will do well. He finds it quite amusing. He feels that these issues are extremely illogical since both the film makers want to release their respective films on that very date itself.

Ajay Devgan has told the press that the report to the CCI was made before the death of Yash Chopra. However, the news had come up only a few days after his sudden demise.

Devgan thinks that the YRF are using certain ‘twisted’ methods in order to bring forth more screens to their film. Shahrukh however feels otherwise. He thinks that how many screens are to be allocated solely depends upon the exhibitors.

The consumers are the ‘kings of the market’. It is their decisions as to what film they will choose. We cannot put any harness upon them and change their decisions. The exhibitors will decide for themselves as to what films they are going to buy and the consumers will decide which of the two films to watch. He also adds that if the makers of Son of Sardaar are so sensitive about the number of screens allotted to them, then they should have released the film earlier, at least a week earlier.

The CCI has turned down the petition sent by Ajay Devgan. They feel that the plea does not hold any merit. They said that Devgan’s plea is unnecessary.

Meanwhile, it is for us to watch out for the upcoming films of these two actors as they clash on the day of Diwali.