SRK fans slam BJP’s Vijayvargiya for comparing actor with Dawood

BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has been targeting Shah Rukh Khan and his film ‘Raees’ on Twitter, for the past few days, and today he compared the actor with notorious don Dawood Ibrahim. He said this while commenting on the unfortunate death of a person at the Vododra railway station, where the crowd, gathered to catch a glimpse of Shah Rukh, went berserk. The actor was travelling by August Kranti Rajdhani Express from Mumbai to Delhi to promote ‘Raees’.

"If Dawood Ibrahim comes on street, there would be a crowd to see him ... You can't gauge the popularity on the basis of crowd. I will not comment further... People have understood what it means," Vijayvargiya, also a Madhya Pradesh Minister, told reporters.

Vijayvargiya’s comment, and his tweets outraged the superstar’s fans, who lashed out at the BJP leader. Noted journalist Rajdeep Sardesai called him the ‘Pumpkin of the day’ and tweeted, “Pumpkin of the day: @KailashOnline who seems to revel in saying things that get him his 15 minutes of fame! With his party silent!!”

Another user wrote, “Some blaming @iamsrk for death in Vadodra!Railways was using his trip for PR!Local admin/Rlwys failed in their duty.”

“@iamsrk has done more for the country than you ever will. Stop targeting him for petty and cheap politics. Shame on @KailashOnline#Raees,” read another tweet.

Vijayvargiya, tried hitting two birds with one stone by using the titles of ‘Raees’ and Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’, to attack Shah Rukh, as well also take a dig on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, in his tweets. Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s foreign roots, the BJP minister posted a picture message and tweeted in Hindi which read, “And 'Kaabil' (worthy) Indians are always better than 'Raees' (rich) people from abroad."

His tweets a few days ago read, “Now it's the turn of the country's 'kaabil' citizens. No 'Raees' can take away merit from the 'kaabil'… The ‘Raees’ that couldn't be of its own country is of no good, and we should all support a 'kaabil' patriot."

Vijayvargiya had also targetted Aamir Khan’s recent blockbuster 'Dangal', and asked his supporters to boycott the movie, because of the actor’s comments intolerance in India that he said back in 2015. At that time too, he had called Shah Rukh an anti-national, for the same reason.

The BJP leader’s tweets evoked a sharp response from Twitteratis, who accused him of giving it a communal shade.

Following are some more Twitter reactions.

“Last time @KailashOnline targeted DANGAL & it became India's biggest hit Na"Kaabil" neta targeting @iamsrk now..SRK will become more #Raees.”

“BJP has started subtle movie promotions as a side business. I DO DECLARE: YOU ARE ANTI-NATIONAL IF YOU WATCH #RAEES. @KailashOnline xoxo.”

“@iamsrk has done more for the country than you ever will. Stop targeting him for petty and cheap politics. Shame on @KailashOnline#Raees.”

“What @KailashOnline is trying to suggest our fellow Indians. Why is Anti #Raees and pro #Kaabil or #NaamMeKyaRakhaHai.”

“Gen Sec of the Ruling Party of 'World's largest democracy' is openly campaigning against a Bollywood Star. Why? Coz his name is Khan.”

“@KailashOnline Shahrukh Khan comes from a family of freedom fighters. Who from your 'Parivar' did so?”

“One who wears suit boot of lakhs, doesn't seem #raees to @KailashOnline and who has taken indian economy back to 15yrs status seems #Kaabil”