SRK comes up with marketing masterstroke for HNY

The year 2014 is nearing its end and most major films have already been released. However there are still 2 major films waiting to be released, Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ and Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ that is releasing on Diwali.

After the trailer of ‘HNY’ was released on YouTube, it failed to evoke the expected reaction. As a result, SRK who is known for his film marketing skills is going all out to promote ‘Happy New Year’. The reason SRK is so serious about the film’s promotion is that not only he is playing the lead in the film but the film is also being made under the banner of his production company, Red Chilies.

In September, SRK and the cast of ‘HNY’ took part in large scale concerts across cities in North America to promote the film. Back home in India, the promotion is also in overdrive and comprises traditional methods as well as digital marketing and social media hypes. 

Now in a marketing masterstroke, SRK has linked HNY promotions with the ongoing 'swachh Bharat’ campaign, that was launched by the Prime Minister on Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October). The team of ‘Happy New Year’ will be featured in ads that will make the audience  conscious about the do’s and don’ts in a film theater, keeping phones silent, respecting the national anthem that is played before the start of the films and most importantly keeping the theatre clean. A popular multiplex chain is broadcasting these ads in all their theatres. The target of the campaign is to provide entertainment along with an important social message. One such ad features Abhishek Bachchan watching a film in a theatre and gets overenthusiastic and throws popcorn around the theatre. SRK and Boman Irani then appear and teach him a lesson in basic cleanliness.

With ‘Happy New Year’ SRK wants to take his role as producer more seriously. In a recent interview he said that HNY has some "amazing stuff". He elaborated by saying, "Whether it is visual effect or technology that we have used in the sequences and fights, I think it has not been used before." SRK added, "What we learn in the last film, we try to make it perfect in the next film. So what we learned in 'Ra.One' and 'Chennai Express', we have tried to make it perfect in 'HNY' and it will show results in one of the shots and it is as good as any international film can show you. That's for me as a producer a biggest high, not the film, money or business.”