Looks and style of SRK, Big B in 'Don'

With the proverbial Sehenshah of Bollywood, delineating the role of ‘Vijay’- the sensational Don of the blockbuster released in the late seventies, it will be interesting to find out how Big B set himself apart from the latest kingpin and underworld Don- Shah Rukh. While, it won’t be right comparing stars separated by generation’s time; look wise comparison between the two is not totally unwarranted.
Amitabh Bachchan





















1.The tall and towering persona of Big B dancing vibrantly to the rhythmic play of ‘khaike pan Benaras wala’  was found donning white and black three piece ensemble with a reddish pink scarf tied around his head.

2. The cool and calculated look of an elusive underworld persona mixed and matched perfectly with Big B’s height, poise and cool demeanor.

3. Stylishly cool ‘Don’ with his perfectly refined looks of a gentleman- well poised campaigner attired in refined &formal clothing, but geared to a mission.
Amitabh Bachchan











4. Where eyes have much to convey about the supposed purpose of an underworld kingpin. Prim and suavely dressed underworld leader with his expressive eyes.

5. Perfect makeup for the so called ‘pan Banaras wala’. Donning eyes lined with ‘surma’ and lips reddened with ‘pan’- the cosmetic changeover fits well into the mentioned stance.

With Big B donning different looks to justify the portrait of the mammoth cult figure; it will be interesting to view the look wise contrasts thrown up by the latest Don.
Shahrukh Khan














1. The mammoth essence of fearful violence has been given an outrageously villainous dimension with deliberate touches of falling disheveled hair, unshaven face and awe provoking drops of perspiration. Firmly imprinted tattoo of ‘D’ adds to the fearful air

2. Subtle touches of original ‘Don’ gives way to a complete makeover to villainy. Changeover to blackness completes its style statement with black glares.

3. Black- the perfect shade for the grimly dark world of villainy. White vest brings out the uniquely interesting contrast.
Shahrukh Khan










4. Modern use of graphics to highlight the starkly grim and multifaceted images of villainy. The typical look of roughness suits the aura of an anti hero protagonist

5. Grim confusion of the starkly grim underworld conveyed by means of the knotty string of the Don’s hair. Long tresses of disheveled hair; in addition to the overall show of muscularity falls in place with the big bad world of mafia rule.