SRK-Amar kiss and make up

SRK - <a href='//' title='Amar Singh' class='article_display_tag' data-id='amar-singh' id='article_tag_data_amar-singh' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Amar Singh</strong></a> Patch upSamajwadi Party leader Amar Singh admits he had an argument with Shah Rukh Khan at the Zee Cinema awards but says they kissed and made up after the superstar called him up...
..."I did have an argument with Shah Rukh at the Zee awards in Dubai. But it wasn't a scuffle...The experience that I and Amitabh Bachchan had at the Zee awards was no less than horrific," Singh said.

"It was I who convinced Bachchan to go to the awards. We chartered a plane to get there so that he could return to Mumbai the next morning to catch his connecting flight to Chennai.

"When we reached the function, we were given seats in the 14th or 15th row along with the general public...and there was no one from the fraternity to welcome Bachchan. Forget about me, I'm no one in the film industry. But how could Bachchan be treated this way?

"Of the 100 years of Indian motion pictures 30 years belong almost exclusively to Bachchan. Not just me, there was a public outcry against Bachchan's treatment even during the function. I couldn't take it."

"When we got up to leave, the organisers caught us and began to request us to not leave. Then a scuffle took place between me and (organiser) Morani right there, in full public view.

"Then Zee's (chief) Subhash Chandra came and slapped Morani. We were then moved to the front row. We weren't comfortable. However, I was taken backstage to give away an award. Then Shah Rukh came over to defend Morani.

"I said the organisers behaved wrongly. To this Shah Rukh said, 'Amar Singh, aap qafi goondagardi kar rahen hain (You are being quite a bully).'

"I replied, Amitji ke saath agar koi aisa vyavhaar karega to main goondagardi karoonga (If someone behaves like this with Bachchan, I will be a bully).'

"To be fair to Shah Rukh, he told Morani, 'Amitji aur Amar Singh bahut upset hain tum jaake maafi maango . (Bachchan and Singh are very upset, you go and say sorry)'. Morani apologised. He should've done so much earlier.

"Had Bachchan been there alone, he'd have suffered the humiliation in silence. That's the kind of person he is. It was fortunate that I was around. I reacted the way I should have. The morning after the fiasco, "Shah Rukh called me in Mumbai to say he was only joking about the goondagardi (bullying). He is King Khan. We've to take what he says on its face value.

"I've more important things to say than brood over such things. I don't let grievances grow in my heart. I told him what I had to. The matter is closed...I told him it didn't matter even if he was serious. Because, it was a matter of pride of me to be if I am called a goonda (bully) for protecting my elder brother's honour. I thanked Shah Rukh for joking...There was never any scuffle between Shah Rukh and me."

"I don't have anything against Shah Rukh because I don't want to come into films and he has nothing to do with politics. I don't even have anything against Subhash Chandra either. God bless him."