Srishty Rode dumped me on phone, Manish Naggdev

TV couple Manish Naggdev and Srishty Rode broke-up in January and now Manish opened his heart out on breaking up with girlfriend Srishty.

Manish posted photos of his long note with the caption, “It’s ok to vent it out. I hope all your questions have been answered with this. #stop”.

He wrote, “I decided to express my feelings about the anguish that I have gone through openly today despite being expected to “man-up” and stay silent because even if some people think I am stupid to talk about it please don’t forget man just like women have deep feelings. Men- just like women have deep feelings.”

Manish further wrote, “I was still unsure until recently about the status of my relationship with my partner. But what can I do? She hadn’t given me a proper closure after a 4 year relationship in which I involved her in every aspect of my life, family and my personal career. She had broken up with me over a phone call and when I had asked her if we could talk about it face to face she replied saying ‘I am at the peak of my career, I don’t wish to be in this relationship anymore and as it is I am detached, what is left to talk about?’ That was a sudden shock to me. How could my fiance break the relationship which was heading towards marriage over a single phone call? After that, there was complete silence from her forever. Don’t you think the least I deserve was a proper closure?”

He blamed Srishty to manipulate and use him for her professional gain, Manish added, “You think the person who for those three months put his life on hold and only concentrated on strategizing her PR, marketing, making her a brand, promoting her while she was inside the Bigg Boss house to eventually make her win. Went all out to fight, argue with all other celebs, fandoms, stood for my girl and gave interviews about how I trusted her and all the allegations on her and her relationship inside are baseless.

Revisiting and thinking about all this only makes me feel how stupid I was to make her my life’s only priority. I am sure there are many like me out there who have been manipulated and used strategically by their partners to achieve their own ambitious goals. And I want to tell them this: Don’t be the victim of manipulation, speak the truth and don’t let the manipulators destroy you or your life just because you are silent.”