Sridevi upset with Rajamouli’s claims about her rejecting ‘Baahubali’

Actress Sridevi is upset with ‘Baahubali’ director S.S. Rajamouli’s remarks about the actress not take up a certain role allegedly offered to her. In an interview to a popular Telugu channel, Sridevi said that she was upset with Rajamouli’s claims that she made unreasonable demands.

The actress, however, added that she would have been happy working with the filmmaker.

"I was shocked and hurt by his (Rajamouli) interview. Rajamouli is a calm and dignified person. I would be happy to get a chance to work with him. But, the way he spoke about the issue made me feel very sad," Sridevi told NDTV Telugu.

There were rumours that the ‘English Vinglish’ actress had asked for an entire floor for her stay, along with ten flight tickets, to accept the film. She was also said to have demanded Rs 10 crore as remuneration.

Calling these rumours completely baseless, Sridevi said, “If I demanded such things, producers would have made me pack my bags long ago, and I wouldn't have completed 300 films in 50 years. My husband (Boney Kapoor) himself is a producer, so we know the practical difficulties of producers. And so, I know not to make such unreasonable demands. I don't know... may be, the producer would have told such things to Rajamouli or there might have been some miscommunication.”

"In my career, many a times I was not able to be part of many films, and there were many reasons for them. But I don't know why people still talk only about why I didn't do Bahubali 1 and 2," Sridevi added.

Sridevi was allegedly offered the role of Shivagami, the queen mother, which was ultimately portrayed by Ramya Krishnan. Last month Rajamouli in an interview had claimed that he dropped Sridevi after hearing her demands from her team, and said that it happened for the best.

The controversy was raked up by filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma with his tweet, “If Sridevi did Baahubali 2 she would have gotten more credit than Prabhas, it being her very next film after English Vinglish."

Meanwhile, Sridevi is gearing up for the release of her film ‘Mom’ this weekend on July 7.