Sridevi miffed with daughter Jhanvi and Shikhar Pahariya's affair

Sridevi is a loving as well as a strict mom. Like any devoted moms, she keeps a sharp eye on her two daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi. According to a latest buzz,  the ‘English Vinglish’ disliked the fact that her daughter Jhanvi is dating politician Sushil Kumar Shinde’s grandson Shikhar Pahariya.

Recently, Jhanvi and Shikhar’s kissing video went viral on net and following the incident Sridevi warns Jhanvi against her boyfriends. She straightway explained her not to mingle with any of her male friends.

Sridevi has also taken this drastic step against her daughter on looking at Jhanvi’s Bollywood debut. Jhanvi is touted to be next star kid and for that Sridevi has induced no-boyfriend clause for her.

Sridevi wants Jhanvi to follow her foot-steps. Sridevi entered into Bollywood at a very tender age and her mom would follow her to the set.  When Sridevi had to do any intimate scene, her mom would take the final call. In the beginning of her career, Sridevi has maintained ‘Ask Mummy’ stance when media questioned her.

Sridevi wants to continue the same tradition with her daughters also. She wants her daughters to discuss with her before mingle with others, specially with their male friends.

Off late, she is too harsh to her daughters and she has strictly warned Jhanvi to stop seeing Shikhar and concentrate on her career.

Well, today children are independent, they take their own decision. Let’s see whether Sridevi can influence Jhanvi to follow her rules.