Sreesanth loses cool on‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa ’

After getting banned from the field, disgraced former national cricketer S Sreesanth decided to try and earn redemption on the dancing stage. When he joined the seventh season of the popular dancing reality show, ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’, he had said that his main goal was to get his life back on track. But unfortunately it seems like his plans of comeback may have been dismissed too early. Reports suggest that the cricketer, who was known for his emotional outbursts during matches, has done it again. Sreesanth apparently walked   out of the sets after reacting to the negative comments of judges towards his performance.

Trouble started when Sreesanth’s shooting schedule was changed at the last moment and this annoyed him. According to a source close to the show, “Sreesanth was supposed to perform a little later but the crew decided to shoot his act first as they wanted to complete the elimination procedure and he was in the face-off round along with Puja Banerjee. But it turns out that he was not prepared for this change of plan and he was annoyed that he had to shoot earlier on. He finished shooting his portion but it was clear that he was not keen to complete his act. ” To make things more complicated, Judges were not impressed with his performance.

The source reports that Judge Remo D’souza said that it was not one of Sreesanth’s best performances. Hearing such remarks made Sreesanth lost his cool and retorted by saying “I would like to contradict that. This is my best performance.” The Judges were taken aback by this and when Madhuri Dixit’s turn came, she asked him what went wrong during the performance. Sreesnath explained that there was a jerk in his shoulder that distracted him and he lost the tempo. The third Judge Karan Johar was unhappy with Sreesanth’s less than polite reply to Remo and he decided to reserve his comment on the performance.

This further enraged Sreesanth and he walked out of the sets. The production team tried to bring him back as he was supposed to sit through the other performances. But they failed. The source said, "The next thing we know is Sreesanth stormed out of the set. We were too shocked to react."  Sreesanth was infamous for his antics on the cricket field and his volatile emotional nature has earned him warnings and fines on several occasions from cricket bodies.