Splitsvilla 7 episode 8, mud fight ends in damper

MTV’s controversial yet popular reality show ‘Splitsvilla’ is currently going through its seventh season. Hosted by noted MTV personality Nikhil Chinappa and the glamorous Sunny Leone, it began with 27 contestants, 7 males and 20 females. Recently the episode 8 was broadcasted and it had its share of fights, surprises and shocks. However Sunny Leone was absent from this episode and Nikhil Chinappa was the sole host.

The episode kicked off from the point where the last episode ended when Mayank Pawar (also known as Mr Asia or Mr Shirtless) was facing Shravan Reddy in a mud-fight. As the episode kicks off, it is discovered that Mayank Pawar has dislocated his left shoulder and is in serious pain. However he still chooses to fight. Although this is supposed to be a fight for the King’s title, there is nothing glorious about this fight and it feels like a torture session.

Mayank, fighting off the pain suddenly becomes aggressive and attempts to choke his opponent with a rope. But without a healthy shoulder his efforts go in vain. Finally when Shravan starts to attack his shoulder, Mayank has no choice but to give up. After winning by forfeit, Shravan Reddy compares himself to a lion and claims, “Jab sher shikhar pe nikalta hai, woh pehle shikaar ko thaakata hai.”

After that it was the turn of another Mayank, Mayank Gandhi to take on Shravan Reddy. However, everyone is taken by surprise when instead of a grueling fight in mud, they go for a display of male bonding as they roll around the mud in a friendly manner. Fellow contestant Abhishek Malik decribed the contest as "Jaise do suar mitti main lotna pasand karte hain, it was like that" It is hinted that Mayank Gandhi and Shravan Reddy has some kind of setting to watch out for each other, for the time being. In the end Shravan is the winner and still holds the ‘king’ title.

After the fight session is over, the girls assemble at the ‘Dumping Ground’. Here, Rishabh Sinha who is banished from taking part in the games but is still part of the show is given the opportunity of saving one of the girls. Here everyone gets a shock when instead of Unnati (the girl who likes him), he saves Priyanka. Even the host Nikhil Chinappa was stunned. Later, he explained that Unnati was too ‘sweet’ to be on the show. Now everyone is looking forward to the next episode to see what the effects of this episode are and what new equations are born.