Southern counterparts of Hindi films

With films being one of the forms of artistic expression, originality and creativity are as much expected as the elements of influence and interaction. In a country marked by multiplicity of race, language and nationality; concurrent lingual varieties of feature films are bound to influence one another. Remaking of films on the lines of the other is thus a part of an interactive process, which may guide the creative process of film making. Of late, as part of this process quite a few South Indian films were remade into their Hindi equivalents.

1. Singham










The latest one to fall into the brand of remade film happens to be ‘Singham’.The Bollywood action potboiler featuring Ajay Devgan is modeled on the lines of its Tamilian counterpart sharing the same name. While the Tamil flick by the same name revolved around Suriya and Anushka; the B town version involving the macho Devgan & Kajal Aggarwal has managed to create ripples on box office.

2. Ready












As one of the leading commercially successful entertainers, if not the most successful one; the film ‘Ready’ has also been inspired on lines of a Telegu film similarly titled. Featuring Asin and the evergreen entertainer- Salman Khan, the Hindi version outwitted its Telegu counterpart both in terms of profit making and reviews.

3. Ghajini

















Coming from the creative strokes of the same director- A.R. Murgadoss, the Hindi as well as the Tamil version of the film Ghazini was stupendously received at the box office. B town adaptation had the veteran star performer Aamir Khan essaying the pivotal role in the gutsy saga of revenge; its Tamil counterpart revolved around Surya.

4. Saathiya














The breezy on screen romance unfurled in ‘Saathiya’, involving Vivek Oberoi & Rani Mukherjee, which came as a refreshing spell on the box office was also modeled on lines of a Tamilian flick by the name of ‘Alaipayuthey’. The romance produced under the legendary ‘Yash Raj banner and directed by Shaad Ali, has a strikingly similar soundtrack to the one used in the Tamilian edition. This again is owing to the esteemed presence of A.R. Rehamn- another thread of connection between both the versions.

5. Hera- Pheri
Hera Pheri









The comical flick Hera- Pheri has also been inspired by an equally boisterously comic flick based on Kerala. While, the Malyali entertainer by the name of ‘Ramji Rao speaking’ could leave a long lasting effect on the box office, the Hindi edition featuring, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty & Paresh Rawal was good enough in arousing splits of laughter.

As part of film making and script writing, remaking does not necessarily imply blind imitation of the original story line. Even innovations are possible therein, but creating an innovatively unique thematic content always bears a stamp of greatness.