Sooraj Pancholi opens up about late girlfriend Jiah Khan

Sooraj Pancholi, who gears up for his debut venture ‘Hero’ speaks about his debut venture, his relationship with Salman Khan and most importantly he speaks about his ex-girlfriend Jiah Khan, who committed suicide and for what he was hold responsible for.

As Sooraj is on promotional spree, questions regarding Jiah Khan are bound to be asked. When Sooraj had to answer first question about Jiah, he took a pause and replied, “It was in nobody’s control. People didn’t realise that I had lost someone. I lost my girlfriend (Jiah) who I was seeing for the past few months and I was really upset. But I think it was destiny and it was written in book of life. People ask me what have I learnt from it. I don’t think of it as a lesson because I have not committed any mistake. There is nothing to learn from it. It was in nobody’s control and perhaps was meant to happen”.

Sooraj said that his will power kept him stable and strong in that particular situation. “My will power and the fact that I am not guilty. Had I been guilty, then deep inside I would have been broken. But I know what the scenario was and I know that I am not guilty That is what pulled me through”, quips Sooraj.

Sooraj says he is single at the moment but looking for someone nice. He prefers girl from outside the industry because he does not want his personal life to mix with his professional life.

So here’s Sooraj’s type of girl.

“Someone simple and dusky but very independent. She should be more busy than me. She should be so busy that I should die to see her”.

Sooraj’s debut movie 'Hero' is slated for September 11 release.