Sooraj Pancholi drove Jiah Khan to commit suicide, says CBI

Sooraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab was accused of abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide. "Nafisa alias Jiah Khan was emotionally attached with the accused. The wilful conduct of Sooraj drove the her to commit suicide. Hence Sooraj is liable to be punished," read the CBI's supplementary charge sheet.

In the charge sheet filed by CBI, Jiah Khan’s boyfriend Sooraj was accused of aided her abortion and flashing her foetus in the toilet. With the very incident, Jiah broke down mentally and physically. Sooraj also cut all his ties with Jiah which further broke her from inside. The CBI also recovered many letters and text messages shared between Jiah and Sooraj during their good and bad times.

"From the psychological assessment and behavioral analysis, it may be inferred that Sooraj is hiding some information... and did not want to disclose some content of his last argument with the deceased, that may have caused her death," the charge sheet said.

The hand- written notes or letters of the deceased showed her mental status.

The agency said that Jiah and Sooraj were together September 2012 and used to stay together till her death- - for nearly 10 months. They were also very close physically.

"Investigations have revealed that the deceased used to clean the room of Sooraj, and used to iron his clothes. She also used to clean and arrange the dining table, purchase decorative articles for the living room and the bedroom of Sooraj, whenever she used to stay with him in his flat in Shanti Bhawan. Jiah had also presented several valuable gifts to Sooraj," the charge sheet said.

A note written by Jiah establishes how Sooraj had ruined her life, the note said, "You promised me one; we made it to one year. We would get engaged."