Sonu Nigam’s flight to India cancelled, puts up at his Dubai home

Noted singer Sonu Nigam’s flight to India canceled and he with his family had to put up at his Dubai home.

From his Dubai home, Sonu Nigam shared a video on his Instagram, saying,"I'm sure everybody is homebound and that's what we are too. I'm actually in my home in Dubai. I was supposed to come to India today but my flight got cancelled last night. And then if I come tonight then I will have to be subjected to 14 days of quarantine. So, I'll not be able to probably lead a normal life. So, might as well stay in Dubai with my family and comeback when it's suitable". 

Sonu Nigam signed off with these words: "Take your own safety precautionary measures and stay safe. I'll be in touch with you again." 

Sonu Nigam also praised PM Modi for his 'janta curfew' speech and at the same time he was trolled for sharing wrong information about Covid-19. The singer in a tweet said that the virus remains active for 12 hours (that is why it’s a wise decision to have Janta curfew for 14 hours!). But various studies have revealed, this virus can stay active up to three days.

He said, "A day before, our honorary Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an iconic and legendary speech and I want to congratulate him. He was clear with his words and actions. Coronavirus takes 12 hours to destroy and Janta curfew is for 14 hours. So you can understand how big a masterstroke this is, which no other country has implemented at the time of need and we Indians are going to do it this Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm."