Sonu Nigam accuses journalist Subhash Jha of sexual harassment

Singer Sonu Nigam claims that for months now he has been at the receiving end of negative criticism in the media and this is due to well known journalist Subhash Jha. In a letter written to a news channel, Sonu Nigam has revealed the alleged reasons for the negative criticism that he has faced from Jha. Sonu alleges that Jha has been sexually harassing him for several months now. In his letter Sonu Nigam says “I’ve kept quiet for too long just hoping that his (Jha) conscience will someday overcome his vengeance for me. It’s not a secret in the industry that he is a homosexual (read bi-sexual). But Am I supposed to reciprocate to something that I am not interested in? And do I have to be subjected to this kind of dadagiri (force) for no fault of mine?”
Singer Sonu claims that Jha has made several sexual advancements on him and although he has made it clear to Jha on several occasions that he not interested as he is a heterosexual, Jha has continued with his sexual harassment. Sonu says “I have his ‘I Miss U and Love U Sonu’ and ‘I’m sorry’ messages saved in various phones of mine.” Sonu also claims that since he has not been reciprocating Jha’s feelings and has stopped associating with him, the journalist has resorted to lambasting him using the media as his vehicle. Sonu agrees that he did threaten Jha sometime back; he states “Yes I did threaten him, as he had challenged my audacity for not allowing him to take my interview. I didn’t want to talk to him and told him to stay away from me when he comes to Bombay. What is my fault in this? No one is obligated to interact with people who make one feel uncomfortable.” Sonu further adds “I have never resorted to cheap means of publicity or scandals but now there is this man (Jha) who drags me in all his articles, lambasts me, shamelessly tries to tarnish my hard earned image, almost like a lover scorned by denial.”

Sonu claims that he has been taking this lying down and in silence for months now, but he claims that he no longer wants to be humiliated anymore and feels that it his right and duty to tell the truth to the people. Sonu also feels that if he who has already earned a place for himself in this industry can go through such things, he wonders what newcomers have to go through. Sonu Nigam is married and will soon be a father and hence he claims that he wants his space and dignity intact.

However journalist Subhash Jha has refuted all claims of sexual harassment against Sonu Nigam. He claims that he has never made any sexual advancement on the singer and he also states that he is entitled to his opinions and writes what he feels in his columns. But he claims that if he is writing negative about a film personality that does not mean he has a vengeance against them. Subhash Jha states that if Sonu possess sms messages from him, he should prove it and show it to the media. Jha claims that Sonu has tarnished his image and he will definitely take legal action against him.