Sonam takes a long break, heads for Paris

Exhausted and thrilled Sonam Kapoor has taken a break from her work. Two back to back releases have worn out the Kapoor girl and now she is heading for Paris to rejuvenate for work ahead. She is on cloud nine as she could impress her fans with her style and acting in ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ and ‘Aisha’. She is taking a long break from work and is heading to Paris, which is her dream destination.

"My most favorite holiday destination is Paris but I have never been there. In fact I have not gone on a holiday since I was 18 years old," Sonam speaks out.

Sonam further said, "My sister Rhea has been urging me to go to Paris. I had planned to go after ‘Aisha’ released but I am now in Toronto shooting for ‘Thank You’."

Talking about her holiday plans, Sonam said, "Though I do want to visit Coco Chanel`s home, I am fascinated by the Louvre museum. I am a history student and I want to soak in some French culture. I also want to roam the streets of Paris and sit in a caf © at the Champs Elysee sipping coffee. I want to be like a normal tourist."

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