Sonam lost to Katrina

After the debacle of ‘Saawariya’ and ‘Delhi 6’, Sonam is in urgent need of a hit. As ill luck would have stuck, a suitable role went out of her hand at the eleventh hour and fell into serene beauty Katrina Kaif's lap. The film requires British accent and as Katrina Kaif is perfectly alllright for the role, Dibakar Bannerjee signed her.

"Anil Kapoor was very keen to have his daughter work with Dibakar. He even called the director home and showed him a show reel prepared for an international project. The director is also keen to work with Sonam but he sees her as the archetypal Indian beauty. That`s not what Dibakar`s new Imran-Abhay romance requires. The heroine must be partly firangi, so Katrina with her firangi accent is perfect for the part," said the source.

Firangi accent is an important requisite of the film and the script has been written keeping Katrina in mind. Daughter Sonam Kapoor and papa Anil Kapoor tried hard but failed to grab the role. Sonam even tried to acquire the role through his good friend and actor Abhay Deol but her trick did not work and ultimately she lost the role to Katrina.