Sonam Kapoor's first public appearance with beau Anand Ahuja

Sonam Kapoor makes first public appearance with boyfriend Anand Ahuja at an event in Delhi. Couple of times, Sonam confessed her love for beau Anand on social media. She was spotted at an art galore with her beau. Anand hails from Delhi and the ‘Neerja’ actress flew all the way from Mumbai to be with her beau.

The two walked in at about 10:45am among the crowd. They were captured on frame and was captured  managed checking out the painting. “It was a surprise visit. Sonam and Anand were there for just about an hour. They both took keen interest in the artworks,” said a source.

Later, the actor shared a video message, in which she said, “I think the fair is something that’s very inspiring because it’s an amazing space, where a lot of artists, connoisseurs of art and even people who are interested in art can meet. The fact that there’s not just Indian but even South Asian art around is overwhelming. I’m happy that it happens every year and I hope that it gets new artists and more buyers and more connoisseurs.”

For the first time Anand and Sonam came together publicly and in the past we have only witnessed them in photos when they meet at family events or when they spend quality time with friends.

The lovebirds are yet to confirm their relationship. She said she is a private person and do not like discussing about her personal life, “I have nothing to hide. I just don’t believe in discussing it. I have never spoken about my personal life but I never hide either. The people, who should know, already know. Who I am dating is not a big deal. I don’t understand why it should be. I’d rather not be in the news for my personal life”, the actress said recently.