Sonam Kapoor unhappy with Arjun-Malaika’s upcoming nuptial?

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora’s upcoming Christian wedding in April is the hot topic in Bollywood now. It is highly touted that the lovebirds, who are going strong for nearly one year, will take their relationship to the next level. As all know Malaika is a divorcee and has a teenager son with ex-husband Arbaaz Khan, now the vital question is whether everyone is happy with the upcoming wedding of Arjun and Malaika. The answer is definitely no.

All the members of the Kapoor family are not happy with the news. Arjun’s sister’s Anshula is also not too impressed with her brother’s decision, as per report. 

As per IB Times, Sonam has advised Arjun not to marry Malaika. ''The actress wants him to stay away from Arbaaz Khan's ex-wife. Sonam doesn't like her always buzzing around her brother.''

In 2016, there were reports of tussle between Malaika and Sonam at fashion designer Manish Malhotra's birthday party. When Malaika got heavily drunk and unable to control herself, actress and Arjun's paternal cousin, Sonam Kapoor came forward to help her, Malaika however, asked her to stay away. Sonam became too embarrassed. Since then relationship between the two has never been smooth.

 A source then informed,''At Manish Malhotra's birthday party, Malaika drank too much and was in high spirits. Sonam Kapoor tried to salvage the situation by going up to Malaika and offering help. Sonam tried to hold Malaika, but Malaika told her in no uncertain terms to back off."

The source further added, ''A chair was pushed near Malaika for her to sit down. Sonam backed off. Malaika told her that she will manage her ownself. At this point, Karan Johar (who had hosted the party) and Manish came forward and took Malaika inside."

''Sonam was embarrassed, but yet she could nothing about it. Malaika was in mood to listen to anybody."

This incident spark the speculation that all is not well between Sonam and Malaika.

 But Sonam's dad and veteran actor Anil Kapoor has no objection to this wedding. Anil once graced Neha Dhupia’s chat show and he was asked to comment on Arjun and Malaika, Anil said, “I know him very well. Whatever makes him happy, makes me happy. I don’t want to comment on anything as that’s personal... whatever he does. We all family members have believed in that whatever makes the other person happy, makes us happy.”