Sonam Kapoor trolled for wearing mangalsutra around her wrist

Netizens are not so happy with Sonam Kapoor’s fashion statement of wearing mangalsutra around her wrist instead of hanging around her neck. Sonam has been accused of not respecting culture.

Here are some of the comments against Sonam's new fashion.

"Mangalsutra is not compulsion but it is love by wife for her husband. And it should always be nearby heart for which it is weared in neck. This bollywood is declining our culture day by day as they grow up in foreign. So they are mixture of indian+foreign," a Twitter user wrote.

One user posted, "So mangal sutra can be wore as bracelet... you don't follow religion don't. Why all this drama?" while another said, "This is the problem of so called feminests... Not following tradition is absolutely fine but tweaking it to your convenience is WRONG."

Not only Sonam Kapoor but another actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra, has been wearing her mangalsutra as a bracelet, for years.