Sonam Kapoor trolled for her meat ban tweet; she gives it back

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor became the target of Twitter trolls after she called the ban on meat in Mumbai ‘misogynistic.’ The ban prohibits the slaughter and sale of meat for four days in view of the Jain festival of fasting.

Sonam took to Twitter and shared a story on the proposed meat ban and wrote, “Our country is going to remain a 3rd world nation because of the intolerant misogynistic close minded few.”

Almost immediately the ‘Khoobsurat’ actress’ Twitter handle was full of jokes and insults for her inclusion of the word ‘misogynistic’ in her comment. While one user suggested she purchase a dictionary, another compared her to Alia Bhatt and others called her ‘bimbo’.

However, Sonam stood her ground and personally responded to several remarks explaining that what she said was about general mentality of a certain section of society for banning things and not necessarily meat ban.

She then made a strong-worded statement clarifying what she had actually meant. “Before being judgmental assholes. What I said was a critique of the general mentality .. Which is not exclusive to the banning of meat,” Sonam wrote.

She also referred that the insults directed her way were from women and expressed, “And the saddest thing about this whole thing is.. That it's mostly women who are calling me out on being bimbo. Guess it's not only the men!”

Celebrity author Chetan Bhagat, who was also at the receiving end of Twitter trolls sometime back, came to her support. “Even she is getting slammed for having non-partisan, non-religious view about freedom. Glad she holds her ground,” he tweeted.

About women calling her ‘bimbo’ he tweeted, “@sonamakapoor because they have nothing logical to argue with you. And u scare them. For they r afraid to speak their mind unlike you.”

Sonam eventually, ended the arguments and explanations by stating that since she is known for her fashion sense, she should talk about that only. “Well I guess it's back to talking about fashion and brands.. Lol,” she tweeted.