Sonam Kapoor, Punit Malhotra in love

Though the couple is reluctant to confess that they are in love, their closeness clearly throws the indication that Sonam Kapoor is dating her ‘I Hate Luv Story’ director Punit Malhotra. Sonam claims that she is single and so is Punit. The couple is keeping low profile but Sonam shares the secret with her friends only.

A source close to Sonam and Punit told, "Sonam is not single; she is dating Punit.

One doesn't know why they are not open about their relationship. But yes, they are very low profile at the moment, much more than they were even during I Hate Luv Storys. Sonam confides about her relationship with Punit to only a few close friends of hers."

It is heard that Sonam and Punit are keeping low profile after getting scolding from Manish Malhotra and Karan Johar. Being mama of Punit, Manish told Punit to concentrate on work only.

Well, it is right, Sonam and Punit are beginners and they have a long way to go. So, more and more work is the call of the day.