Sonam Kapoor dons bikini

When the question of wearing bikini comes, actresses usually give a second but in this case the new gal Sonam Kapoor is smart enough to say yes to the swimwear in so early stage of her career. She has no qualm on wearing beach wear if the script demands so and she is open to it always. Sonam reveals that she is wearing a two piece in her upcoming movie 'I Hate Love Stories' opposite Imran Khan.

“I wear it in real life just as I have worn angarkhas, salwar-kameez, bandana, jeans, skirts, gunjee – whatever it takes," she said. "If the character I play is on the beach – the correct gear would have to be a bikini”, Sonam quips.

Sonam who is yet to taste success has two interesting projects lined up for production. The first one is ‘Ayesha’ based on Jane Austen’s Emma and the second is a comedy 'Come On Pappu', opposite Akshay Kumar.

Let’s see if bikini hype can provide Sonam Kapoor her first hit for which she is craving for.