Sonam Kapoor calls Vivek Oberoi ‘classless’, the actor hits back

Sonam Kapoor hits back at Vivek Oberoi for posting derogatory meme on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan but the actor feels he has not done anything wrong but also slammed Sonam Kapoor.

He told news agency ANI, "Aap apne filmon mein thoda kam overact karein aur social media pe thoda kam overreact karein (overact less in your films, overreact less on social media). I've been working in women's empowerment for 10 years now. I don't think this is hurting anyone's sentiments."

Mrs. Ahuja called his tweet, “disgusting and classless”

Vivek Oberoi says he has not problem in saying sorry but he feels that he has not done anything wrong.  The actor tweeted, “People are saying apologise, I have no problem in apologising, but tell me what wrong have I done? If I have done something wrong I will apologise. I don't think I have done anything wrong. What's wrong in it? Somebody tweeted a meme and I laughed at it”. 

Now, Vivek Oberoi has defended himself. The actor who's in Delhi for a special screening of the Modi biopic has said, "React a little on things like this, don't make it political please. This is life. People move on. Not a single obscene comment was there. I am ever ready to say sorry. But tell me what wrong have I done? The story happened and it's everywhere in media for ages. So it's nothing like I am claiming something. I just forwarded it. Let woman commission come. I will also clarify. 

The National Commission for Women has sent legal notice to Vivek and asked him to clarify.

The notice reads, “The National Commission for Women has come across several media reports on 20th May, 2019, wherein it is reported that you have made insulting and misogynistic post of twitter carrying a picture of a minor girl and a woman. It has been reported that you had drawn a sly comparison between the poll result and woman’s personal life.”

The notice further asked the ‘Saathiya’ actor to provide a satisfactory explanation to NCW. It states, “Whereas the post made is extremely offensive, unethical and shows disrespect towards the dignity and respect of women in general. In view of the above, you are hereby required to provide a satisfactory explanation to the Commission on the matter on receipt of this notice.”