Sonam Kapoor calls Katrina Kaif 'Shameless'

Today, Katrina Kaif is counted as one amongst the most sought after actresses of Bollywood. She has films opposite three ruling Khans of Bollywood and Bollywood’s big banners was waiting for her dates. She has created a niche in Bollywood and ruling millions of heart with her charisma. It’s a credit that despite knowing Hindi, she became the queen of Bollywood fans.

This might be the reason of Sonam’s envy. Sonam has been in this industry for five years and being the daughter of noted actor Anil Kapoor, she till date failed to taste a major success. But Kat without having a godfather firmed her foot in Bollywood. At the Cannes film festival, Sonam took a dig at Katrina Kaif without any reason. She called the actress shameless. In an interview at Cannes when Sonam was asked to comment about Katrina, she said, "When i look at it, I know what not to do. With all due respect, I want to give Katrina Kaif a bouquet of flowers. I don't know how she does it. You need a certain kind of commitment and a certain kind of shamelessness to do certain things."

During her visit to Cannes, the actress quoted as saying, "I've been here for five years, and I've done 6 films. When it comes to movies, there is so many of us we can talk about. But when it comes to fashion, there is only me, at the risk of sounding immodest."

Elaborating further, Sonam regards herself as the trendsetter who redefined the style of other actresses. She said, "I was just being myself, people caught on and now it has become a trend. All the actresses have started hiring stylists. It's always nice to be a trend-setter."

This is not the first time that the actress took a dig at someone. In the past, she once made unpleasant remark about her senior Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She also took a dig at writer Shobha De. She even targeted Abhay Deol and Ranbir Kapoor. It seems it has become a habit of Sonam to comment badly about her contemporaries.

Time and again Sonam hit the headlines for all wrong reasons. Her father is a noted and most respectful Bollywood actor and she should have some lessons from him.