Sonam Kapoor breaks up with Punit Malhotra

They never declared that they are dating each other and the reason might be they themselves were unsure about their unbalanced relationship. Their relationship was very fickle. Finally, the low-key couple Sonam Kapoor and Punit Malhotra called off their relationship, the reason best known to them but it is also heard that differences created since they both are busy in their work and failed to give each other time.

Punit Mahotra is busy with directing his next film and Sonam with her new project ‘Raanjhana’. They both are busy to spend time with each other and this might have created a crack in their relationship. “Punit is busy with his next film and Sonam is shooting for Raanjhana,” said a source.

The riff came into forefront when Punit and Sonam were heard fighting over phone. An eyewitness revealed that Punit repeatedly disconnected someone phone calls but failed to guess the person on the other side. When checked properly, he came to know that it was Sonam who has been calling Punit continuously. When the director finally received the call, both indulged into a heated argument. It was evident to everyone at the dinner table.

“Although I don’t know about their tussle, it was very disturbing to see them fight over the phone,” said an eyewitness.

Sonam and Punit’s affair started on the set of 'I Hate Luv Storys' but failed to survive.