Sonam enters into a steamy lip-lock with Shahid

Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor are going to strorm the silver screen with a steamy lip-lock in Pankaj Kapoor’s upcoming flick, ‘Mausam’. Sonam and Shahid’s passionate kiss is the talk of the town.

At first, Sonam Kapoor denied any kissing scene in the movie but later she let the cat out of the bag that there is a smooching scene between her and Shahid.

“Jitna hona chahiye tha, utna hi rakha gaya," said the pretty actress.

Producer Sheetal Talwar clarified that there were no trepidations from Sonam’s end and she readily agreed to do the scene.

"Sonam is a fantastic actress. She had a very comfortable equation with Pankaj and Shahid. If there were any aspersions whatsoever, they were cast aside during the course of the shoot," said Talwar.

We guess Sonam and Shahid's lip-lock will stir the box-office.