Sonam and Imran on a pile of cow dung


An unforgettable experience for Sonam and Imran as according to sources, while shooting for the film I HATE LUV STORIES in New Zealand, Imran and Sonam tipped off the balance and fell on a pile of cow dung much to the shock of everyone on shooting location.   
Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor were filming a romantic scene in which Sonam leans backwards and Imran put his arms around her. When the final moment came, Sonam lost her balance and fell to the ground with Imran on top of her however the real surprise came when they got up and Sonam's clothes smelt foul. It turned out to be that they had fallen on a pile of cow dung and couldn't wait to rush back and get into the shower. 
“Sonam and I were supposed to do a ‘dip’, where she bends backwards and I support her. In one of the takes, we lost our balance and she fell backwards into a pile of cow dung. Luckily, it was the last shot we were planning to use that costume in.” Imran confirmed.