Sonali caught in a party without underwear

At Four Season’s Hotel a constellation of stars assembled to celebrate a party on the night of 1st February. The party was hosted by Director Karan Johar of the Koffe with Karan fame. Stars like Aishwarya Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra to Kareena Kapoor all were present.

Amongst others was Sonali Bendre the star who won the Star Screen Award for the Best Supporting Actress in the year 2001 for her film Hamara Dil Apke Paas Hai. With a huge fan following its obvious that even the media keeps a close distance watch on where she goes and what she wears. Sonali and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan walked in together and no sooner had they walked in that Sonali became the talk of the town for her wardrobe mal-functioning.

Previous to this incident we have unmarried actresses like Neetu Chandra and Yana Gupta who have been spotted without undergarments. However Sonali Bendre’s malfunctioning of wardrobe has been disheartening for her fans.

Sonali’s most memorable film is a Marathi film directed by Amol Palekar called Anahat. Films like Duplicate, Chori Chori and Sarfarosh has earned her many fans. With Goldie Behl as husband and the Bachchans as family friends she attracts media’s attention; therefore a very slight mistake may blow out of proportion and may tarnish her image.

As for Sonali this is not for the first time that much is being written about what she wears, as this model turned actress has been in controversy in the year 1988 too. That year in the month of March she had been criticized for what she wore in the Showtime magazine. She seemed unperturbed by her clothes and the black dress she wore went into the background as the cameraman who viewed her panties missing circulated the photo which soon became a topic of discussion.

The sizzling beauty Sonali has always attracted the camera during any public appearance as they have found her to be a very well dressed and photographs of hers has always attracted the magazine buyers.

The mother of a child wife of a director and one of the top most beautiful woman of the film industry need not fish for media attention. That she did not mind being photographed and becoming the talk of the town is evident from the fact that she retorted back to the media saying “I am glad you saw it”.

More than her acting talents her looks have been appreciated. She is fully aware of this and has even commented on this saying that people should take more notice of her acting talents than her looks. Unnecessary media coverage to gain attention is not what her fans would have expected. However much she may try; people are going to remember her black dress appearance for a party with the panties missing.

After staying with the Hindi film industry for a considerable time and having starred in so many different films it does not seem that this actress had purposefully dressed in a manner to draw media attention. However a mistake like this will never go unnoticed and might even contribute to tar the image of a personality. On the other hand on the very next day she was seen in a beautiful saree well dressed going for some award function. This pretty actress did look gorgeous and did attract the camera men once again.