Sonali Bendre heading back to Mumbai after cancer treatment in US

"I'm on my way back to where my heart is”, with these emotional words, Sonali Bendre packed her bags to return to India, her home Mumbai. After being treated for high-grade cancer in New York, the actress is all set to return.

The actress took to social media to announce that she was on her way back to Mumbai.

Sonali, who was dressed in white pants and a matching hoodie, wore shoes with 'Mother Land' written on them. She wrote in an emotional note, "I'm on my way back to where my heart is. It's a feeling I can't describe in words but I'm going to try - it's the joy to see my family and friends again, the excitement to do what I love and mainly the gratitude for the journey I've had up until this moment."

The battle with cancer may not be over yet, but Sonali is grateful for the "happy interval". She wrote, "The fight is not yet over...but I'm happy and looking forward to this happy interval. It's time to learn that there is a new normal out there and I can't wait to embrace it and #SwitchOnTheSunshine."

In July, Sonali revealed that she has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer and undergoing treatment in New York. During the treatment, the actress has showed strength, power, courage and she was hailed for her string will –power.

"Over the past couple of months, I have had good days and bad ones. There have been days when I've been so exhausted and in so much pain that even lifting a finger hurt. I feel like sometimes it's a cycle one that starts off with physical pain and leads to mental and emotional pain," she once wrote about her cancer battle.