Sonali Bendre denies going pantyless

The pantyless report about Sonali Bendre that is doing around the media has left Sonali Bendre and her family in highly disturbed state. The actress rubbishes the report and blames media for the misinformation.

However Bendre's spokesperson has denied the story clarifying, "There is no truth to the story which has left both Sonali Bendre and her family highly grieved and disturbed". Her spokesperson also denies the quotes of Sonali published in the news report. 

"Sonali belongs to a respectable family, is a mother and has always shared a very warm and cordial relationship with the media".
"We would like to elucidate to all concerned that the story is fabricated by vested interests that aim to damage her reputation and hence request you to not credit it or encourage it".

Highly upset Sonali decided to take legal actions against those who framed this juicy story and defame her.

Reports say that Sonali attended Karan Johar’s party sans panty.