Pamela takes sarees, lahegas, churidar to Los Angeles

Hollywood star Pamela Anderson’s stay in the Bigg Boss house was very short but she has flown away to Los Angeles with lots of Indian stuff as a symbol of memory. Pamela Anderson has taken with her the white embroided saree designed by designer Ashley Rebello. She has made her entry in Bigg Boss with that saree.

“I am taking some saris with me. The channel guys were very kind and they gave me two saris. I also wore an Ashley Rebello lehenga-choli for one of the days and I am also taking that with me. I am also taking three sarongs and a churidar-kurta set. I feel Indian drapes are very beautiful, very feminine,” Pamela is quoted as saying.

Pamela has learned how to make rotis and sabzi in the Bigg Boss house and she said she will make the Indian dishes for her two kids Brandon (14) and Dylan (13).

Pamela had a great time in Bigg Boss and she is open to Bollywood films.

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