Sonakshi Sinha ignores Kangana Ranaut

Rivalries are nothing new in Bollywood and we have seen stunts pulled by actors ranging from the juvenile to the hilarious in their game of one-upmanship. The latest dup to join these distinguished ranks are Sonakshi Sinha and Kangana Ranaut. This comes as rather surprising because Sonakshi is known as highly professional and modest artist who does not make extravagant demands. Still, it was seen that she was avoiding Kangana.

There had been rumors but nothing was verified. A Mother’s Day event was organized in the city by a leading band and both Sonakshi and Kangana were invited. Sonakshi did not know that Kangana was present. She arrived with her mother and one of her associates informed her the Kangana was also present at the event with her mother. Sonakshi then refused to come out of her vanity van. She left the event without meeting anyone though the organizers pleaded with her to attend the event.

According to a source, “Sonakshi was not informed by the organisers that Kangna Ranaut would also be a part of the event. While she reached the venue on time with her mother Poonam, one of her staff members informed her that Kangna was also present at the event.”

The question that naturally arises is what can be the bone of contention between these two Bollywood beauties. The source explains, “While Sona and Kangs actually do not have any history, the bone of contention is Salman. While the actor gave Sonakshi her first Bollywood break, Kangna is known to be extremely close to him. It is obvious that both of them cannot stand each other.” Sonakshi had debuted in Bollywood opposite Salman Khan in Dabangg and is also appearing in the sequel of the film Dabangg 2.

Sonakshi and Kangana were last seen together at a party given by the superstar Salman Khan. Since then, there has been a few incidents when Kangana attended a party like the Dubai bash given by Salman where Sonakshi was conspicuous by her absence. But this is the first time that the actress arrived in the venue but left without even leaving her vehicle because Kangana was present there.

Sonakshi was supposed to be too busy with her schedule to have attended the event. The source added, “She has even told people she was never invited.” However, the photographs are telling a different story.