Sonakshi Sinha's ex set to marry a TV actress

While Sonakshi Sinha is enjoying her stardom, her ex-boyfriend Aditya Shroff, Fame Cinemas owner has taken a step ahead in life. He has decided to tie the knot with television actress Megha Gupta with whom he fell in love this July after breaking up with Sonakshi. Megha Gupta debuted in TV with Ekta Kapoor’s famous serial, ‘Kavyanjali’.

Confirming the same, Aditya said, “Megha is a lovely girl. We met through common friends. One thing led to another, soon we were meeting almost every day.” What we like about Aditya is that he chose not to be coy about what drew him to Megha. “Megha is a very, very attractive girl,” he said rather candidly.

Commenting on Sonakshi, Aditya quipped, “I have forgotten Sonakshi. That is the past.”

While a friend of Aditya said, “Sonakshi behaved rather strangely after coming from an outdoor schedule of Dabangg. She stopped communicating with every member of the Shroff family, whose house she used to frequent almost every day.”

Sonakshi is 22 and Aditya is 32. Their age gap is 10 yrs. As heard, Aditya wanted to settle down in life while Sonakshi has just ventured into films and she wanted to shape up her career. Hence they separated amicably.