Something special cooking between Salman, Priyanka!

Something definitely has been brewing between two most popular stars of B-town who are namely, Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan.

A leading newspaper had recently published some exclusive photographs of Salman and Priyanka that were clicked below Salman’s house. This was done to prove the new blooming friendship between the two.

Both the stars slammed it as intrusion of privacy and also stated it as a cheap way of furthering the popularity of the newspaper. However, now things seem to be different as both Salman and Priyanka seem to be quiet open about their equation.

The two stars flew off to Dubai to perform there recently and the two were lodged at the same hotel. It all started with a press conference that was attended by both. Towards the conclusion of the conference the two were seen toying. Salman was noticed sketching his patent human face on a piece of paper whereas PC was seen doodling on the same.

Backstage as well their friendly and warm vibes were palpable. Salman announced to the media backstage in a humorous manner, “I didn't choose Priyanka or the others to perform with me. They (pointing to PeeCee and Zarine Khan, Sophie Choudry) chose me,". He added, "I am Priyanka's favourite co-star of late."

Priyanka too did not want to miss this opportunity to reaffirm the thought saying “Yup!”. To this we wonder what Priyanka’s current stand is on her ‘good friend’ Shah Rukh Khan who sometime back had been her favourite co-actor. Things seem to have taken a turn and the actress is mum on the issue that happened in the past. Guess she has moved on from all the rumours surrounding them and wants to grow her friendship with the most popular star of late. It is now also being speculated that Salman has referred Priyanka’s name for a film.  

A source who was travelling with these stars, said that all the actors were hidden in Salman’s suite all afternoon. Sohail Khan and Priyanka’s manager too had been there. The source revealed, “There was a series of meeting. And they did not emerge till late for their rehearsals.”

It is being rumoured that Salman has been planning a multi-starrer for quiet sometime and thus they were discussing matter on the film. It has also been mentioned that, Salman even made a conference call to a friend stationed in Mumbai to discuss about this project. His conversation with the friend ended on this note: “Chal abhi woh picture banate hain."