What's cookin' between Arshad Warsi, Minissha Lamba?

The latest buzz doing the rounds is about Anand Kumar’s next film. The movie stars Minissha Lamba and Arshad Warsi. It is currently being speculated whether the off-screen chemistry between Arshad and Minissha is just friendship or something more.

A source from the units of the film claims “They are not only seen together on the sets but off the sets as well. Arshad is also keen on having maximum shots of Minissha in the movie. He is not in favor of her sequences being edited which is giving grief to the producers.”

This time around it seems like Minissha Lamba has been getting all the attention from him. This film also has a steamy sequence to be shot between the two. The sequence is being touted as sweltering and scorching and thus when it was filmed only a minimum number of people were allowed to be present at the unit. Arshad Warsi previously had to do a steamy scene with Vidya Balan in the film Ishqiya. This scene is being claimed to be topping that as well.

When Minissha Lamba was asked about her initial reaction on being told about the steamy scenes in the film this is what she had to say “I was reluctant to shoot it initially.”

When asked about her reactions now when the scene has already been shot, she said “But on the sets, Arshad, being a gentleman that he is, went out of the way to make me comfortable. The moment we did the first shot, I realized that the scene would be beautiful and intense. All of it was achieved without even a kiss.”

These speculations have got more force due to the rumors that did the rounds in the year 2008. There was a strong gossip that year that spelled that Arshad and his wife Maria Goretti were going through rough times in their marriage. At that time, the film that he was working in had Dia Mirza in it. The film was produced by Arshad Warsi and was named “Hum Tum aur Ghost”.

Dia Mirza had been getting all the attention from the actor-turned producer and this sparked a lot of rumors about the two.  However, once the film released all these rumors were put to rest.  This time around as well let us see, if these rumors have any credibility or are publicity gimmicks for the film to fair well at the box-office.