Soha’s daughter Inaaya swings on Taimur’s jhula while Taimur is away

Soha Ali Khan and her cute daughter Inaaya Naumi Khemmu were spotted at Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s residence while the couple is away with son Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi for a vacation. Inaaya is definitely missing her big brother.

The picture shows Innaya swinging and mom Soha playing with her.

Taimur and Inaaya often spend quality time with each other.

In an exclusive conversation with, the actor describes these interesting facets of her life and says, “it is always good to embrace different aspects of your personality.”

“I think that it is always good to vent out and embrace different aspects of your personality. While acting was something I have been passionate about and that has been the focus of my career until now, I opened up my mind to explore other things. For example, I have always wanted to produce a film. Sometimes you wish a certain film or a subject to be made but it is not being made. So, you just say why don’t I make it,” said Soha.

When Soha Ali Khan was asked about motherhood, the actor says, “I used to travel light. I never liked to stay in lines and check-ins. But now with Inaaya, you have a lot of stuff with you when you travel and you have to be very organized about it. We recently took a flight to Delhi from there to Pataudi house which is about an hour. I was worried how she would respond to it but she was quite good. Also, we have taken long drives. My concerns have always been if we have enough things to keep her entertained, nappies, milk and other necessities. The first time we were very scared but the more you do it, you become confident. Also, you become sympathetic towards people who travel with babies,” the actor chuckled.

However, Soha remains unaffected by this attention. The actor added, “No, not all. She is a part of me. I realised it became a headline that I worry about her in terms of nazar and all. Obviously, we are protective about her. Every parent is. We do everything from Kaala dhaaga to kaala teeka even if we are not superstitious as it makes someone else happy, so there is no harm in it. I worry about the attention she receives but I am proud of her. I am happy to share my happiness with her with the world but it is unfair to the kids, be it Taimur Inaaya or any child to be exposed to too much attention from media. Childhood is innocence at the end of the day.”

She is least bothered about Inaaya constantly being compared to her cousin brother Taimur Ali Khan. “You know, I am someone who has lived in the public eye. Comparison is something that people love to do. I was compared to my mother, my brother to our father and me to my brother. Now, Taimur to Inaaya. People enjoy it. I come across Instagram posts of Inaaya and Taimur picture together and they ask ‘which baby is cuter?’ It is ridiculous but people comment too. This is human nature. You just have to laugh at it as much as you can,” quipped the actor.

When asked who is more careful on posting Inaaya's image on social media posts or public appearances among the two parents, Soha said, “Somedays me and somedays him.”

Inaaya and soha
soha and inaaya