Sohail Khan patches up with wife Seema Khan

Salman Khan played peacemaker between Sohail Khan and his wife Seema Khan. The superstar succeeded in bringing back Seema Khan back to Sohail. Following some fall-out, Seema Khan moved out of Sohail’s residence but now all is well between them and all the credits goes to the big brother who sorted out their differences.

Seema Khan reportedly moved out of Khan’s Bandra residence and started living with her parents.

What exactly went wrong in Sohail and Seema’s blissful married life is not yet clear but the former’s closeness with Huma Qureshi is touted to be one of the prime reasons. Seema is said to be highly miffed with Sohail’s closeness with Huma. Sohail’s alleged relationship with actress Huma Qureshi did the round but then the ‘Gang of Wasseypur’ actress denied the report saying, "Sohail is like an elder brother."

Huma Qureshi is the brand ambassador of Sohail Khan’s cricket league and their proximity caused the rift between Sohail and his wife Seema.

Seema conspicuous absence from Arpita Khan Sharma’s baby shower stamped the report that all is not well between the couple. Sohail attended the event with their son.

Seema Khan’s heart-touching message posted shows she is really upset and finding solace in her children. Her message reads, "Sometimes the best Valentine's are the ones you brought into the world yourself. There is nothing better than giving your child your heart".