Sohail Khan opens up about dating Huma Qureshi

Sohail Khan’s alleged affair with Huma Qureshi did the round for quite sometime. It is reported that Sohail’s extramarital affair with Huma has put his married life into deep trouble. It is also said that depressed with his alleged relationship with Huma wife Seema Khan also left Khan’s residence.

Sohail Khan, however, vehemently denied dating Huma and also slammed media for cooking false stories without verifying facts.

He says, "First of all, I don't know where these rumours come from. I am human, and it disturbs me a lot. You can justify things only when there is an ounce of truth in it. I don't appreciate being disturbed. I have read a few ridiculous things about me, which made me want to take people head on. If you are maligning someone, have the courage to name yourself. Do your homework about my whereabouts and me. If there is enough proof about my supposed affair, I will keep shut. Don't write like know-it-alls without validating the claim."

"But most of the time, actors are fighting ghosts, clueless about the source of stories about our personal lives. I don't feel bad for myself, but I do feel bad for my wife and kids. Gossip makes for spicy read but people should realise that we too have parents at home; we have kids who go to school and are asked about their parents' marriage. Can you imagine the impact on their psyche? All I am asking is, write with substantive evidence."

He also lashes out at media for wrongly quoting him, "Have people ever considered that I could be media shy? That's misconstrued as arrogance. I don't communicate well. I have a small world — my wife Seema, my kids Nirvaan and Yohaan, my nieces and nephews, my siblings (Salman, Arbaaz, Arpita and Alvira), my parents, and Helen aunty. My life starts and ends with my immediate family. I am an industry kid who likes doing his 9 to 5 job, and going home, and resting it out. I am inaccessible and hence, people take the liberty of quoting on my behalf."