Sohail keen for Priyanka, Preity, Deepika to do cameos in Salman starrer

Sohail Khan's next production will be Mr. & Mrs. Khanna for which he has been scouting for the cast since a long time. After roping in brother Salman and then finally settling on Kareena Kapoor as the female lead, he is now looking at roping in big stars to do cameos in his film. Sohail is hoping that Salman will be able to help him get big stars like SRK, Preity, Priyanka and even newcomer Deepika for cameo roles in the film.
It has now become a trend to rope in big stars to do cameos in a film and the more the merrier. It also no doubt helps in garnering publicity for the film with big stars making an appearance in the film. According to sources Sohail is keen to rope in Shahrukh Khan and a host of bollywood beauties for cameos in the film. Salman and SRK share a comfortable friendship now and reportedly SRK has already agreed to do a cameo in Mr. & Mrs. Khanna. Apparently SRK will also not be charging Salman and Sohail any fee for his cameo. As for the bollywood ladies, Preity is very close to Salman as they have done a number of films together and she is also a close family friend. Priyanka will no doubt be keen to please Sallu as she has just buried the hatchet with him. And as for Deepika, Sallu will no doubt charm her too into doing a cameo for the film.

In fact, there was plenty of consideration for the female lead in the film too, first Lara Dutta, Katrina Kaif etc were considered for the role. But then Kareena and Salman buried their hatchet and the role went to her. Sohail confirms that Kareena will be a part of the film; he said "Yes, she's a part of the project." As for the rest of the actresses doing cameos, he refused to confirm anything just yet. The film will be directed by debutant Prem Soni and shooting for the film is supposed to begin some time in March this year.