Sohail is very dear to me, Diya Mirza

Diya Mirza is upset these days, though she is not pretending. She had put a lot of faith in Hum Tum Aur Ghost but unfortunately, the film failed at the boxoffice. It was after ages that she had got an opportunity to be a solo lead in a major film.

"You sometimes realize that in the industry when you think that you are doing something with just the right intent, your friend should also help you out when an opportunity arises. But hota aisa hai that he/she may not always come forward because commercials come in your way. Here, casting decisions are due to economic decisions and people believe that right casting will end up bringing in money", Dia said
"Amongst many friends that I have, one of them is Sohail Khan. He is very dear to me; I love him as he is truly one of the nicest people on planet. I did Fight Club and Kisaan for him and no, as I said I don't regret my decision. In any case, these were not bad films and I am not embarrassed about them. Also, these films only made my bond stronger for my friends and today, I am happy for that", Dia replied when questioned about her close friends in bollywood.  
"No, it is not about being hurt but looking at practical reality. However, I think that at some point in your life, you have to become conscious about such acts. You end up thinking that - 'Ok, so now that I have done my bit for a friend, it is my friend’s turn to reciprocate as well." Diya added.